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Tania Isaac Hyman
consultant. analyst.interlocutor. artist.


Tania Isaac Hyman is a former Pew Fellow and McDowell fellow; a choreographer, dancer, writer who has led international performances while creating models for thoughtful, audience-centered engagement. While working as a touring artist, Isaac additionally gave public talks,  published articles, book chapters and presented projects on creative process in the arts and its potential applications across multiple fields.  As an MPA student at Fels Institute of the University of Pennsylvania, Isaac bridged her background in performance with growing experience in Public Policy analysis and Public Administration.  This has created a unique skill-set directly transferable to program design, program evaluation, strategic planning, organizational analysis and human centered story-telling, with a focus on inclusion.  As a founder and director of her own performance company, she has taken on rotating roles as director in grant-writing and reporting,  program design, program evaluation and project management. Isaac looks at culture as an ecosystem built on the exchange between commerce and art, between creative thought and innovative action and in the mutual benefit of opportunities for interaction. Over the last few years, she created an accessible, and intimate, process-based inquiry called an “open notebook” that invites audiences to contribute their questions and perspectives to the posed cultural observations; looking at the ways in which our institutional decisions affect how people live, work and access quality of life. Her  studies in Economics, Policy Research, Foundational Statistical Analysis and Organizational Dynamics focus on the capacity of extending these ideas through public service, private industry and independent consulting.

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